February 22, 2020

Tap 2 Earn is 100% real

What’s up guys , It’s Macey. I’m going to be reviewing a site called “Tap 2 Earn” today. Keep reading if you’re interested and let’s find out what all the hype is about.

I recently just heard of it …. 

Tap 2 Earn is an Influencer Network. The site has been around since 2013 and has accomplished very some notoriety throughout the years. The site has even increased an expected measure of 500,000+ clients/individuals.

What caught my eye ….. 

I got onto to the site and my first thought was how neatly organized the site was. The different hues of orange and yellow really caught my attention. Also , Tap 2 Earn was kind of simple and straight to the point . On the welcome page, they immediately tell you what it is that they do and how you can start doing it too. Most of these online job sites usually give you the run around and give you paragraphs of information that leads to absolutely nothing.





There are just two things you do to begin gaining money, joining and sharing your referral link. The site gives you an individual referral link that you at that point share over any of your social media networks. To get your referral link you sign up on Tap 2 Earn and quickly you will get your link. Not long after, you’re prepared to begin making some easy cash.

My Tap 2 Earn Journey 

The sign-up procedure is moderately simple. You sign up with your name and email address . They don’t ask you to put in any payment information or nothing like that so they can hit you with hidden fees and all sorts of stuff. After signing up, you get your referral link so you can start earning and sharing.

The task at hand …. 

On Tap 2 Earn they give you a referral link. Your job from there is to share your link with anyone and everyone you can think of. You should encourage as much people as you can to join under your referral link. The more people that join , the more money you will make.

How does Tap2Earn work? 

Despite all of the persuading words, I know there’s still some suspicion about how Tap 2 Earn really functions. In that case, here’s the breakdown, when you start to welcome your family and friends you really add to creating traffic to the site and widen promotion income. Another result of sharing the site is gaining attention to any supported items which will begin an expansion in support relations.

Getting Paid 

Here’s the most significant data you’ve been hanging tight for, getting paid. The payout procedure is quick and simple. When you’re prepared to get your money you basically ask for a payout. Payments are sent after you’ve requested. There are different methods to get your cash which ranges from PayPal, Cash App, Bitcoin, and even sent checks whenever liked. During the time I chose to payout I observed to see how long it took to receive. I can say Tap 2 Earn has a superb payout speed since just after requesting to pay out I got a notification that my payment was recorded.


After some direct examination, I can say that Tap2Earn is surprisingly genuine. I’m not ashamed to admit I was somewhat unsure about going into this in fear that I may get scammed yet it was the complete opposite. I am going to continue using Tap 2 Earn and I think you should too. This is going to be my side job for backup money. I encourage you all to check out Tap2Earn and start making some money folks.



          1. Dare samuel

            Lovely website!. Its a great networking site and needs to be known to people out there !. Kudos to the team 👍

          2. Tom Ward

            So Ive made my first cash out. The site is awesome easy to use and the money is easy to make. I wish I would have found it sooner, we all can use a little extra such what are you waiting for

          3. Tinydelgado

            I love doing the task fun easy to make money and also learn about other great apps on the way

          4. Malika

            Yes if you stay active on tap2Earn you can earn a lot of money in a small amount of time it’s really easy. I really don’t take risky things like this but I did and now I love it . So I recommend it to many people

          5. Brenda S Coates

            There are some interesting thing on here that I didn’t know about is hope I learn more about onther app and website site and yes there more websites site to you can earn money on

          1. Brenda S Coates

            And once you see you going to love it and you going want to keep earn money good luck my friend

        1. Brenda S Coates Reply

          Yes it some fun parts live make the YouTube videos and it cool because when you bored you can jump right on here

        1. Malika Reply

          Yes you earn a lot of money if you share the link to your social media accounts and get people to click the link in your bio. It’s really simple and I’m very happy I signed up

          1. Tom Ward

            It was easy to sign up and immediately start making serious cash. In fact it was so easy I earned almost 500 in 4 hours send woke up to an additional $50. Pretty cool huh?

          1. Malika

            Yes it is because at it’s I thought this was a huge scam but it turns out to be completely legit . I love tap2Earn and I will recommend it to anyone

        1. Tom Ward Reply

          My son came across this site and referred me to it. Now granted, I am a total skeptic about everything. The fact is Ive earned almost $800 in less than 24 hours. 24 HOURS! THIS IS SUPER AWESOME!

          1. Khamphasong vannavongsa

            Good site and good information. Seems legit and really nothing to lose. Just tap and earn money more people you know the more you make.

      1. Venencha Reply

        Hi nice to have a site like this.
        Great reviews.
        Alot of persons backing the realness of this TapnEarn site.

      2. Diamond Bailey Reply

        I referred so many of my family and friends to this and I really love it! I’m expecting my pay in 3 days so excited!

    1. Jacob Reply

      I first opinion was that it was a scam but so far it is an excellent was to earn extra money so far I have 70 dollars and just keep adding up. I would recommend it to everyone.

        1. Adelwini Stella Reply

          I recommended this site to some of my friends and they are thinking it’s a scam. I can’t wait to show them the money I’ll receive when I payout. U guys are the best

    2. Mohni Reply

      This review felt like the most personal one! Instead of flooding us with fact that we can read she gave us her true perspective! I fully agree that Tap to earn is the real deal!

    3. Mohni Reply

      As you read in the title… This is 100% real! I was skeptical as first but I’ve made a pretty penny in only a matter of hours! 10/10 would recommend!

    4. Maelanni Washington Reply

      Seriously I thought this was fake at first because people were sending me there links & I’m like please stop sending me this then I finally did it about a day or 2 later & I seen that it really works it told me that I will get the money on the 21st of January I really cant wait because I’m going to use that money to get things for school bc I will be stating Cosmetology school in February

      1. Brenda S Coates Reply

        So did you get it on the 21 of this month I suppose get my first one on the 30 of this month and cant wait that be rigth on time for me to move

    5. Sharyl McGuire Reply

      I have tried tap2earn and in one day I made 500 $. I have never had a job that paid like tap2earn. Please try this. It works.

      1. Brittney Mckie Reply

        I really enjoyes this one so down to earth I was the same was I was so unsure what to do but now I am in love with this cause helps with bills and putting food on the table.

      1. Brenda S Coates Reply

        Me to lol I even did research on it first because we do have to be careful when it something like this you have to be on your toes because people will get over on your

  1. gunna4pf Reply

    Another great blog on tap2earn, I don’t know why everyone is so scared to try it. I deff feel like it is more than worth it.

    1. Malika Reply

      That’s exactly how I was at first I was like this can’t be real it’s gotta be a scam but when I cash out I just had a feeling It’s real. Also it’s a great choice for extra money and it very easy to earn your money .

    2. Brenda S Coates Reply

      Because people always follow after a onther person and list to them but some time you do have to list about some thing

  2. Lenny S. Reply

    Shoutout to these awesome people who comment. I was kinda skeptical but some of these comments confirmed my fears. Shoutout to yall again, have a great day.

  3. ghosted1 Reply

    Anyone knows if tap2earns payouts are actually instant? I want to create an account but I want instant payouts tbh.

    1. Hennylover Reply

      Yes, they are. I got my payout instantly. It was via paypal, I think mailed checks take a couple days so I recommend doing paypal.

  4. Kevon A. Reply

    How do I get to the top of the earnings board? and when will the chat be unlocked? I want to talk to more influencers.

    1. Brenda S Coates Reply

      You know what that a good question iam trying to find out my self if you find out be for me can you let me know and I will do the same

  5. Brittany Reply

    I wish I could bring everyone to see this blog, people need to see this frfr. Ima send to everyone claiming it was fake.

  6. Bratva2 Reply

    All it takes is downloading some easy apps and sharing on social media. Literally takes less than 10 minutes lol. People are so lazy it’s annoying .

  7. Tiara Marie Reply

    This is a very convenient app to make fast easy and legit money. You send your referral link to your friends and start earning money. They also have other ways to make money with other apps. The information is very direct and straight to the point. No scams!!

  8. Tayeirah Reply

    I agree with your post ! I use to be on some other site before this & it scammed me but my numbers are increasing & my page haven’t shut down so that’s good . I like that it gets straight to the point !

    1. Brenda Coates Reply

      What is your good feeling because I have a good feeling that you going to make it this year on what you working on

  9. ConceitedStyles Reply

    At first I was a little unsure. But my husband got his first payout today and I was so motivated to keep going until I get my first payout. Almost there!

  10. Marquis Pleasants Reply

    Tap 2 Earn is 100% real. There’s no scam affiliated with signing up. It’s really extra income that doesn’t require hard work.

  11. Ahmed Abdelraouf Hassan Reply

    Hello my friends….I’m Ahmed…from Egypt….start joining the site & hopefully to get my dreams here


  12. Eniya Adams Reply

    The dashboard is easy to use and navigate. It’s very easy to understand once you get the hang of it and you won’t quit lol

    1. Brenda S Coates Reply

      All you have to do is look up more survey today it alot out there you just got to go line to look for good luck my friend

  13. Austin Batenga Reply

    I 100% agree with you the payment process it quick and easy and I love that they allow you to link you cash app account

  14. John Reply

    The manner in which one earns fast and in a simple way makes this site better than all other online paying site and what of all its a legit way to make money online.

  15. Tomica Duncan Reply

    I thought I was wasting my time but reading these comments makes me feel much better. Cant wait to see my deposit

  16. Ara-Oluwa Reply

    I agree. We all thought this app was a scam at first but you organization on it is astounding. Making money has never been easier

  17. NaTaar Lloyd-Henderson Reply

    I was suggested this app from a family member so far i can say that the app is excellent so many different apps u can choose won’t get bored and it’s not hard?

  18. Jonelle Kirkpatrick Reply

    Thank you for a awesome review. I just learned about the site and I love it. Its no scam or hidden fees and they pay good.

  19. Lydell Baker Reply

    This review/blog is very informative and direct to answer the question at hand, scams. Breaking down each step throughout the process from the sign Up stage gives the reader some assurances after realizing very little is required to begin earning money. Great review. !

  20. Eleecya Reply

    I love tap 2 earn it’s easy to use and easy to do. You dont need to add info besides your name and email and you are in your way to making money

  21. Christian Antho Reply

    It’s Legit and real though I’m still waiting for my first payment. I believe in it . Just join and start making money folks

  22. Ebony Montgomery Reply

    Tap2Earn is really a life saver for making extra funds to make ends meet! I’m so blesses I stumbled upon this site!

  23. Aliana Torres Reply

    Another great blog review of this app! It is amazing , it is a shame that people think that this is a scam! Such easy money ! I love it!!💯

  24. Ebony Montgomery Reply

    100% legit! I’m so blessed to have found this site. I can finally stop living from pay check to pay check!

  25. NaTaar Lloyd-Henderson Reply

    Tap2earn the best app for phone addicts who are looking to get fast cash. Using this app you can receive over to 400 to 1,000 each payout

  26. Ceejay Paulson Reply

    when I first started I thought it was going to be a scam but I was completely wrong. I have begun to love this and thinks its one of the best an easiest money making sites out there

  27. Tareq Reply

    Awesome site that I have used at networking forever and Iam waiting my pending payment to paid for me at soon and I already shared my referral link periodically at all social media 👌👌👌👌

  28. Michelle Caron Reply

    Thanks for a great review Samuel.

    This site is legit. My nephew joined and made a few hundred dollars in a week just playing some games and sharing. I decided to give it a shot. I’m doing great. Over $400 in a few days just spending 15 or so minutes a day on here.


  29. Megan Reply

    Being a college student and working full time is hard, but Tap2Earn gave me a quick and easy way to make extra money. Even the way you cash out is convenient with different options including PayPal and CashApp! I got my whole family to join

  30. Johnny Sinon Reply

    I was already finish my fist task and referal included my clciks so so im excited to get my money soon and started again its great to be here and thankful to work on it continued

  31. Nashawn Price Reply

    To be honest, at first i thought it was a scam, but reading these comments are giving me the faith. I can’t wait for my first payment and i can spend my money wiseley.

  32. Genera11 Reply

    I think this is legit, though I haven’t cash out yet but some of my friends have and waiting on their payments. I just wat to assume it is legit.

  33. Shanda Brown Reply

    Love tap to earn! I’m almost to my cashout point and can’t wait to see how easy it is to cashout! Ty tap 2 earn!

  34. javier Reply

    this site is really doing alot for people never think i will find a site like this and am happy i did all best to everyone on this stie and too the company alot love out for the team work

  35. Jonelle Kirkpatrick Reply

    Tap2earn is the best money making site I have seen. I am glad I took the time to sign up. I usually will not because of being scammed in the past. To much good reviews and I’m proof.

  36. Joseph Dunbar Reply

    Act fast and get free money no money down just read the instructions and get free money added to your cash app


    I have taken some surveys which doesn’t add up to my earnings and also some are not opening at all I wish the developers could something about it to enable us have free movement on the website to have fun and make some money.

    The app is great but need to see more👌👌👌

  38. Jonelle Kirkpatrick Reply

    If you have family and friends then you can make money with Tap2earn. They are not greedy like all this other internet money taking people.

  39. Shea Bennett Reply

    Tap to earn is a great way to make money for people that love being on social media and I love it my best part about tap to earn is the task wall you that allowed things you can pick and choose from to complete all your task

  40. Kiesha Neal Reply

    This was some great information that I needed cause yes I can’t lie I didn’t think it was legit but to my surprise it is and the extra dollars is great …. and just getting that information about the payout is even much better ,cause now I feel more up to speed with sharing that info with other people I invite to join in … Thanks

  41. Jasmine Reply

    There’s nothing negative to say about tap 2 earn; its legitimate and extremely trust worth it’s also user friendly.

  42. Jessica Reply

    Trust me guys. Its definitely worth it. The earning ability is endless. I thought it was a scam. But it’s not. It’s worth it. Click and sign up using my link. You wont be disappointed.

    1. Ikea Devlin Reply

      This is by far the best site for some easy quick money. I love it and I will continue to recommend this to people great job

  43. Antonio Reply

    It’s a great second job for me and I wouldn’t mind actually working directly for the company. These people really have put the work in to be the best. Continue to be the best and I will be there also. Team work!!!!!

  44. Sandy Vanegas Reply

    Definitely enjoyed this blog post. Gives off a lot of information and reassurance. Can’t wait to get started!

  45. Johntel Nathan Reply

    it really easy to tap2earn and it is a very excellent site for people looking to make some more cash on the side. love it

  46. Charles Ramirez Reply

    Signing up gives me 25$ and for playing games gives me 30$ and its addictive. I played the games for almost 2 hours but the requirement is only to stay in the game 30 seconds. I play again tomorrow. Please put more games. Thanks tap2earn

  47. Jasmine Reply

    I absolutely love this website, it’s easy and straight to the point. I’ve referred to so many family and friends and they love it.

  48. Jonelle Kirkpatrick Reply

    First, its easy to use. Second, its 100% legit and third, they pay good! What are you skeptics waiting for your wasting money and time.