August 3, 2020

Cash Crates during the Coronavirus Pandemic

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With the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) sweeping the planet, people have found it increasingly difficult to find economic opportunities. The outbreak has led to many stay-at-home orders, forcing many to leave their physical workplace. While this may not be a problem for people whose day jobs can be easily transitioned to fully online, for others, it puts them in (expectantly) temporary unemployment. Unemployment means an increasing dependency upon savings, as there is no income available.

Earn And Go coronavirus

At the time of writing this, the United States is leading in the number of corona virus cases, followed by China and Italy. If you’re reading this in one of these countries that are hit hard by this virus, then you understand that these stay-at-home orders do not seem to be leaving anytime soon. If you’re looking for a job replacement in light of these orders, or if you’re just looking to find a new side hustle, do I have the resource for you!

What’s the side hustle?

The resource I am referring to is a website by the name of Cash Crates. I found this website months ago, after a coworker of mine referred me to it and I have been using it ever since. During a time of crisis like this, I thought it would be beneficial to share it to you guys. 

What Is Cash Crates?

Now, Cash Crates is an influencer network / survey site. An influencer network uses the influential power of top social media users to promote different companies. Influencer networks base themselves on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. Because of the modern age that we are in, a person’s influential power is more than you would assume. Everyone is connected online and Cash Crates uses this online communication to your benefit, making you a top social media profile in their eyes and paying you accordingly. 

You can start earning money during this time of “quarantine” by signing up on their website. All you need to start is your email and a custom password. From there you’ll be directed to your dashboard. Once you sign up, you also get $50, sort of a “new members’ bonus”. From your dashboard, you can see the details that make Cash Crates something truly special. They give you access to quick share links, allowing for easy communication to your social media platforms (your bread and butter with them). They also give you details to all referrals, clicks, and tasks completed. You earn $2 for each click that you get and even more for each referral. I’ll explain what these mean.

Experience with Cash Crates

The tasks are also pretty simple to complete. Some are surveys, some are offer completions and some are as simple as downloading or reviewing apps. Tasks can also be completed over multiple devices, so if you have multiple laptops, phones, or tablets, you can earn ten-fold per task. Working with Cash Crates can be broken down simply: share, do tasks, and earn. Right now has the best earning potential, as everyone is forced onto their phones and have nothing else to do but aimlessly browse through social media. So, your referral link would have the greatest exposure.

Working with Cash Crates is simple. There are many ways to diversify your earning potential on Cash Crates. One way is through shares. You have your own referral link that links to your account. Your link directs web traffic to Cash Crates, which is why you get paid highly for them. A single click on your link, making anyone who gets redirected to the Cash Crates website from your link, gets you $2.

Think about how fast that can add up for you. If you refer someone, meaning they sign up with your link, even more! Also, I forgot to mention that you earn a percentage of your referrals’ earnings.Other ways to earn with Cash Crates is through the Task Wall. I found the tasks to be more rewarding than shares over time, as shares are dependent upon other people while tasks you can do on your own.

Payment Process

Payment with Cash Crates is quick and easy! After you complete the minimum requirements for cashing out, you’re able to submit a payment request. You add your payment details (where and how you’d like to receive your money) and then you wait. Payment comes quickly, instantly for some and depending on your chosen payment method. Cash Crates offers a variety of payment methods from PayPal to even a personal check. With the corona virus plaguing us, money is hard to come by and earning is desperate. 


Don’t believe me? Well I didn’t believe my coworker as well. However, after doing the long and tedious fact-checking myself, I’m glad I listened to their recommendation. There’s countless videos and screenshots of people sharing their experience with Cash Crates as well as how much they earned. I did the hard work of finding the site for you, so that you have assistance during these times. You might even continue using the site months into the future, and then you’ll thank me.

Example of someone else’s experience

So that’s how I’m going through and earning during quarantine!

Cash Crates


Sharing A Link


Completing Tasks


Cashing Out



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  1. Margaret Maynard Reply

    Looks interesting. It’s good to see people out there creating ways for others to make money. Yes there are a few scams out there but there are some legit ones too, just have to look.

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